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Time to Degree Task Force

Undergraduate Time-to-Degree Task Force


This website provides information related to activities of the Joint Academic Senate/Administrative Undergraduate Time-to-Degree Task Force.


Due to concerns about maintaining access for eligible students, the affordability of obtaining an undergraduate degree, and various other budgetary concerns, the Time-to-Degree Task Force was created and given the following charge:


  • to better understand the factors leading to a shorter time-to-degree,
  • to identify the factors that may contribute to a longer than desirable time-to-degree at UCD, and
  • to make recommendations for changes to address this issue and shorten time-to-degree at UCD.


In 2004-2005, the work of the Task Force led to changes in the Planned Educational Leave Program (reducing the frequency and length of leave) and the launching of a pilot program allowing students to initially enroll in up to 17 units during Pass I of the enrollment process (an increase from previous limits).  Some Task Force members were also involved in a substantial revision in the minimum progress regulation through the work of a Special Committee of the Academic Senate.  The Task Force also worked with the advising community and the Registrar's Office to provide broad communication to students as well as advising assistance to help students graduate in a timely manner.


As part of its ongoing work, in 2005-2006 the Task Force has approved a continuation of the 17-unit pilot.  The Task Force has also conferred with campus constituency groups and various committees examining possible modifications to admissions, financial aid, advising programs, course availability, and summer sessions to help improve our graduation rates.  Efforts have also been undertaken to add courses in areas of high enrollment demand.  Additionally, the Task Force has worked with various offices to inform the campus community about the revision of the minimum progress regulation through emails to students and advisers, messages during the enrollment process, advising meetings with students, and during orientation activities for new students.


In a related effort, the campus continues to expand its summer program, nearly doubling summer enrollments over the past five years. The Task Force is working with Summer Sessions to emphasize offering specific courses that aid time-to-degree efforts.


Through these efforts the campus continues to assist and encourage students to graduate in a timely manner.


Matt Farrens and Fred Wood


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